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Rotary/Wheel Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger

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  There are two types of rotary energy recovery heat exchangers:full heat type and sensible heat type.As a heat storage core,the fresh air passes through a semicircle of the wheel,while the exhaust air passes through another semicircle of the wheel,and the fresh air and exhaust air pass through the wheel alternately in this way.

  in winter,the wheel regenerative body absorbs heat from the exhaust(wet),when moved to fresh air side,due to reasons of the poor temperature(wet),regenerative core body would release quantity of heat(wet),when to exhaust side,and continue to absorb the heat in exhaust quantity(wet).The energy recovery is achieved by such a repeated cycle,and the working principle is shown in the figure.During the summer cooling operation,the process is reversed.

  When the full heat wheel runs,water molecules in the air are absorbed into the molecular sieve coating on the surface of the honeycomb,and when they are transferred to the other side,they are released due to the pressure difference between the water molecules.

  Rotary/Wheel Energy Recovery Heat Exchanger

  The all-heat type runner USES the fresh air to exchange sensible heat and latent heat,so as to save energy and keep good ventilation in the room.The fresh air can be pre-cooled and dehumidified in summer and preheated and humidified in winter.

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