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Typical structure of energy recovery in unit

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  Wide Range of Performance

  There are three series of AT plus energy recovery combined air conditioning units,namely indoor unit,outdoor unit and medical purification unit.Can be widely used in shopping malls,hotels,auditoriums,stadiums,textiles,metallurgy,machinery,health,pharmaceuticals,food processing and other public buildings and various industries.

  The Structure is extensive

  According to the installation space requirements,horizontal,vertical,up and down combination,left and right combination or other forms combination units can be provided.

  Modular assembly

  The series of units fully realized the modular design and modular assembly,without any welding,not only can supply the whole machine,but also can completely realize the parts transport and on-site assembly.

  Drawing type internal structure

  Built-in components such as fans,heat exchangers,baffles,filters,etc.are mounted on the support slides,which brings great convenience to maintenance of equipment and replacement of parts and components.

  High quality water tray

  The water tray is entirely made of high-quality stainless steel plates,and the bottom forms a certain angle of inclination.As the result,the condensed water can be easily collected and discharged,preventing breed and growth of microorganisms and mosses.

  High-performance heat exchanger

  The AT plus heat exchanger adopts a unique piping method,which can improve the heat exchange efficiency by 10-30%compared with traditional piping method in the same area.

  Super-thickness plate

  AT plus unit type plate thickness is 50mm,general comfort type plate filled with heat insulation glass wool,heat transfer coefficient is only k=0.57w/m2k,sound insulation amount up to 42dB(A);process and medical purification unit type The board is polyurethane foam conforming board or sus304 stainless steel board,and the heat transfer coefficient is k=0.02 and 0.05w/m2k.

  Unique design of air inlet and air outlet

  The air inlet is a plate valve structure,and the plate valve adopts maintenance-free gear transmission adjustment,which makes adjustment more flexible and more convenient to use.The outlet uses flexible soft links,high density,and tear resistance.

  International advanced processing and manufacturing technology

  Our company has the most advanced sheet metal processing equipments and heat exchanger processing lines in the world today,providing reliable quality assurance for AT plus energy recovery combined air conditioning units.

  Advanced computer optimization design selection system

  Our company has AT plus energy recovery combined air conditioning unit optimization design selection software,according to the user's requirements to quickly design an economical and reasonable ideal products.

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