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Mine exhaust air as low-temperature thermal energy for waste heat recovery

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China is a country with abundant mineral resources, and there are countless mines of all sizes distributed throughout the country. In addition to mining coal resources, mines are also huge heat storage bodies that contain high-quality waste heat utilization resources. During the development process, when the ground fresh air is sent to the mine and then returns to the return air shaft, it will carry away heat such as mechanical heat dissipation, cofferdam heat dissipation, and media oxidation along the way. The outlet air temperature is higher than the temperature when the fresh air is sent, and high-quality waste heat utilization resources are generated along with the mine return air, containing rich geothermal resources.

With the vigorous promotion of energy-saving and environmental protection strategies by the country and the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection among people, the technology of utilizing waste heat in mines has been given special attention. Although it is low-temperature waste heat, if not utilized, it will cause waste of resources and pollution of dust and noise. Using mine exhaust air as low-temperature thermal energy for waste heat recovery can turn it into a reusable high-temperature heat source and solve the problem of freezing in the mine shaft, which can be said to be a win-win situation and has important energy-saving and environmental protection significance. Qiyu Air Conditioning focuses on the recovery and utilization of waste heat from mine exhaust air, helping users provide feasible solutions.

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