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Large scale scientific breeding air conditioning and ventilation system

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With the improvement of modern technology, the breeding of fungi, flowers, vegetables, and livestock is becoming more standardized and large-scale. The quality of indoor environmental factors directly affects the growth and economic benefits of plants and livestock. This includes factors such as light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, etc. Except for lighting conditions, all other factors can be manually controlled. According to the different environmental conditions required by plants or animals at different growth stages, we can manually adjust and control these conditions to facilitate the growth of plants or animals. Our company's aquaculture air conditioning fresh air energy-saving system can achieve a balance between various parameter conditions and energy utilization, maximizing energy savings for enterprises and providing the best environment for the growth of organisms and animals.

air conditioning system

The selection of air conditioning systems can be based on the local climate characteristics and natural conditions of users, selecting different types of refrigeration and heating methods, fully comparing cost-effectiveness and operating costs. Reasonable and scientific allocation of resources can not only reduce input costs, but also improve output ratio and increase economic benefits.

ventilation system 

There are various ventilation methods, especially the fresh air system with cold, hot, and wet (latent heat exchange) recovery is the best.

This fresh air system has the following characteristics:

1. When the fresh air system is turned on, the built-in heat exchange device of the machine effectively recovers the cold or heat in the exhaust, pre cools or heats the fresh air, and has a significant energy-saving effect. Generally, it can achieve 50-70% cold and heat recovery and 35-55% wet recovery.

2. Adjusting indoor carbon dioxide concentration is faster, and the unit has both air supply and exhaust functions. While conveying fresh air, it can quickly discharge other harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia from the breeding space.

3. It is possible to achieve fully automatic operation control of the breeding site through the configuration of temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide sensors, etc.

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