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Purify air conditioning fresh air system

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Medical treatment, biopharmaceutical and high-end electronic intelligence industries have emerged as the country's large-scale industrial strategy, and these industries cannot be separated from the application of purification systems. Because of the particularity of the purification system, the introduction of fresh air and the discharge of some indoor air are realized by power, so the demand for energy is fixed. In the system without new and exhaust energy recovery devices, fresh air will consume a lot of energy, while the energy in exhaust air will be wasted. If the energy in exhaust air can be recovered and the fresh air can be pre-cooled or preheated, the waste of resources can be reduced to the maximum extent. The system mode of strong delivery and strong exhaust is more conducive to the arrangement and utilization of new and exhaust energy recovery.

In the air conditioning system design of major hospitals, treatment centers and animal laboratories, in order to avoid cross pollution, the distance between new fans and exhaust fans is usually relatively far. Our company can provide liquid circulating energy recovery scheme. This energy recovery method can effectively avoid cross-contamination of fresh and exhaust air, effectively recover the cold heat in exhaust air through liquid circulation, and release the recovered energy into fresh air, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption of fresh air. This recovery system can drag one or more modes.

In the process purification site, in order to ensure the purification level of the confined space, these areas are relatively independent and closed. In order to maintain the oxygen content of the air in these areas, the supply of fresh air must be increased to a certain proportion. In this case, air-conditioning systems and plate, wheel or heat pipe energy recovery devices can be used.

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