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scientific breeding air conditioning and ventilation system

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With the improvement of modern science and technology, the cultivation of fungi, flowers, vegetables, livestock and poultry is becoming more and more standardized and large-scale. The degree of advantages and disadvantages of indoor environmental factors has a direct impact on the growth and economic benefits of plants, livestock and poultry. This includes illumination, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, etc., among which in addition to illumination conditions, other factors can be achieved through manual control. According to the different environmental conditions required by plants or animals in different growth stages, we can artificially adjust and control these conditions to favor the growth of plants or animals. The breeding air conditioning fresh air energy saving system produced by our company can take into account all kinds of parameters and energy utilization, so as to save energy to the greatest extent for enterprises and provide the best environment for the growth of organisms and animals.

The air conditioning system

The selection of air conditioning system can be based on the local climate characteristics and natural conditions of users, choose different types of refrigeration and heating, fully compare the cost performance and operation cost, reasonable and scientific allocation of resources can not only reduce the cost of input, but also can improve the output ratio and increase economic benefits.

The ventilation system

There are many ways of ventilation, especially the fresh air system with heat and cold (latent heat exchange) recovery is the best.

This fresh air system has the following characteristics:

1. When the fresh air system is turned on, the heat exchange device built in the machine can effectively recover the cooling amount or heat in the exhaust air and carry out pre-cooling or heating on the fresh air, with remarkable energy saving effect. Generally, 50-70% of the cold and heat can be recovered and 35-55% of the wet recovery can be achieved.

2. It is faster to adjust the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room, and the unit has the functions of simultaneously supplying and exhausting air, which can discharge carbon dioxide, ammonia and other harmful gases in the breeding space more quickly while transporting fresh air.

3. The configuration of temperature, humidity and CARBON dioxide sensors can realize the automatic operation control of the breeding place.

Energy-saving effect analysis

Taking vegetable production base as an example, the air conditioning system adopts water-cooled screw unit for centralized cooling, and each room is independently adjusted through PLC control system, which can better control various values to meet the requirements of different growth stages.

Example: Vegetable production space: length * width * height =40*8*7=2240m3

The principle of fresh air heat transfer and the calculation of heat transfer efficiency and heat transfer are shown in the figure below:

Model selection calculation data

It can be seen that the heat recovered by each device is 57Kw, so the total heat recovered by the four devices is 57*4=228Kw, the heat recovery efficiency is 60%, and the wet recovery efficiency is 37.1%.

The whole growth cycle is calculated according to 1/3 time of starting up, and the fresh air load is 133Kw. The recovery efficiency is calculated at 60%, and the heat recovered from the fresh air exchanger is 80Kw.

After deducting the running consumption of the fan and the energy loss of the enclosure structure of the fungus house, the final energy saving can reach more than 35%.

Through the above case analysis, it can be seen that large-scale breeding mode supporting specialized equipment can create the greatest economic benefits for users.

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