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Cross flow heat exchanger core is made of antiseptic hydrophilic

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Cross flow heat exchanger core is made of antiseptic hydrophilic / epoxy coating aluminum foil and galvanized sheet cover. The air is forced to crossover through the heat exchanger core, two airstreams never come into direct contact, avoid the transfer of any smell and moisture.

Plate type sensible heat exchanger

 ·Application Environment

AIR-ERV air to air heat exchanger core are widely used for different industry air exchanger, heat recovery, cooling or heating and dehumidification. Such as in HVAC, Telecom, Power Supply, Textile Industry, Automobile, Food Industry, Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Tobacco barn, Drying industry, Welding industry, Boiler Industry and so on.


Adopt antiseptic hydrophilic aluminium foil, resistant to corrosion, with long service life.

Apply to special occasions of epoxy resin aluminum foil, corrosion resistance stronger.

Many size hrat exchanger core ( plate distance 2 ~ 12mm ) for your choice.

Module structure, any sine can be praided, no running components, low maintenance cost.

Compact struxture, small volume, suitable for various occasions.

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Aluminum foil stainless steel foil polymer air to air heat exchanger;
Industrial flue gas heat recovery, sensible heat exchanger;
Energy saving air heat exchanger and natural air cooling unit in data center;
Lithium battery electrode coating machine NMP waste gas heat recovery;
Plate heat exchangers for heat dissipation and dehumidification of cabinets;
New air conditioning panel heat exchange core body;
Household and commercial fresh air fan system;
Recovery of drying waste heat from electrophoretic coating spraying line;
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