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Industrial heat recovery manufacturers from China, specializing in the production of gas plate heat exchangers, rotary heat exchangers, and heat pipe heat exchangers, are widely used in boiler flue gas waste heat recovery, heat pump drying waste gas waste heat recovery, food, tobacco, sludge, printing, washing, coating drying waste gas waste heat recovery, indirect evaporative cooling systems in data centers, water vapor condensation whitening, large-scale aquaculture energy-saving ventilation, and other fields, To meet the needs of different customers, please feel free to write to us for consultation. WhatsApp:+8615753355505

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Supply scope: Global supply, manufacturer customization

Aluminum foil stainless steel foil polymer air to air heat exchanger;
Industrial flue gas heat recovery, sensible heat exchanger;
Energy saving air heat exchanger and natural air cooling unit in data center;
Lithium battery electrode coating machine NMP waste gas heat recovery;
Plate heat exchangers for heat dissipation and dehumidification of cabinets;
New air conditioning panel heat exchange core body;
Household and commercial fresh air fan system;
Recovery of drying waste heat from electrophoretic coating spraying line;
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